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McCains Sponsorship Application

Rather than trying to get a typical endorsement through a company that may help our musical careers, we decided to try something a bit different. As young men all living together, we ate our fair share of frozen pizzas. Early on we decided to store our empty boxes and eventually make a video application for McCains sponsorship. After about a year and a half of collecting (they survived us moving into a new house), we decided we had enough to make a statement and get their attention. This the video we came up with.

We did not get the endorsement..

Bjorn Condoms

Everyone who performs live, at some point gets a photo taken of them pulling a particularly 'impassioned' facial expression. We managed to find one of Beau after a show and naturally decided to photoshop it onto a condom box. It was so convincing that we wanted to make a commercial for it and somehow convinced Beau to go along with our idea.

Bjorn Condoms - The Making Of

Wanna see how and why we made a condom commercial? We put together a behind the scenes video that attempts to answer these questions. Here's the full story.

Vale 8-bit Floppy Disk Promo

During lockdown Josh had some spare time so decided to turn our album Vale into retro 8-bit style songs. It took a long time. A 

Daze of our Lives

Back at the end of 2017 we were invited to play a small psych festival in Melbourne called 'Daze of our Lives'. We had been talking about making a drama series for a little while and this was the perfect excuse to start it. 

There's also a 'Daze of our Lives - Part II' video available for viewing. The link at the bottom of the page has the rest of our silly videos.

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