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Khan meld hazy psychedelia and heavy stoner riffs with a penchant for progressive rhythms and almost dirge-like, industrial-scale crescendos. The songs are lyrically evocative, exuding a sense of despondency and melancholy. Vocally, their songs waver from ethereal falsetto and hypnotic crooning to impassioned wailing punctuated by occasional guttural screams.


They first came into being in 2016, when three friends took up a joint residency on the outskirts of Melbourne. From there it wasn’t long before they released their ‘On Silent Space’ EP, which was in essence a brief, alt-rock journey, tinged with psychedelic nuances, perhaps giving us a glimpse of things to come. Their debut album ‘Vale’ followed in 2018. In contrast to ‘On Silent Space’, ‘Vale’ was a far grander and more expansive project that permitted the band to explore many of the outer reaches of heavy psychedelia and progressive rock, which created waves that reverberated through the underground around the world. The ripples were felt by the organizers of Progfest who invited the band to perform at the 2019 festival in Melbourne alongside The Ocean (GER), Monuments (UK) and Skyharbor (IND).


In what promised to be a particularly big year, 2020 began with performances supporting Yawning Man (USA) and Beastwars (NZ) plus the announcement of Khan’s first international tour in Europe. While the pandemic crushed any hopes of the tour going ahead, it also paved the way for the unplanned release of their second album 'Monsoons', a fully instrumental odyssey delving into jam-based and post rock experimentation. The ongoing lockdowns also led to the unexpected opportunity to headline the virtual edition of Indian festival Strawberry Fields XXIV.


As soon as the world began to open up again in 2022, Khan quickly launched into their much-anticipated 22 - date tour of Australia, Europe and the UK, which included performances at Esbjerg Fuzztival in Denmark with Truckfighters (SWE) and Kuba Open Air in Germany with Villagers of Ioannina City (GRC). Khan's third album 'Creatures' was released in February 2023 through Full Contact Safari Records. It is their heaviest, darkest and most dynamic album to date. Their Australian tour will include performances at Spliffs N Riffs festival in Perth, Sun Burn festival in Canberra and Nowhere Festival in Brisbane.


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